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Case Study – Facebook Post in Beauty Industry:


Client was running a campaign and wanted an organic post for their Facebook Page. This post was crafted to sell a Men’s Rejuvenation Session at a local beauty Salon.


“Men… Want To Feel Completely Relaxed, Fully Recharged, and Thoroughly Rejuvenated?

Every man has priorities to take care of in their lives… Work, Family, Bills to name a few…, it’s the same ‌man who will stop at NOTHING to provide the best life for their loved ones…

However, there is…

One Serious Problem

Would you like to know what it is?

Some of the symptoms include Burnout, Fatigue, Stress, Anxiety, Sleeplessness…. and many, many more!

All caused by not remembering to take cause of one of the most important things… themselves.

The fact is, most men simply forget to take the time out to Relax, to Recharge and Rejuvenate

Let’s face it…

The truth is, that a man’s BEST work is done when he is FEELING his best.

One of the best ways to feel relaxed, to recharge and feel rejuvenated is a…

Men’s Restoration Session at Sassy Hair & Spa

This session is specifically design for Men, with the purpose of helping them feel their best, ready to tackle anything life gives them.

It includes 2 hours of relaxing service including:

– 1 hour Full Body Massage to help you feel refreshed and relaxed

PLUS your choice of either:

– 1 hour Foot Spa, a warm, bubbling foot treatment that will have you feeling like you are floating on air.


– 1 hour Facial, a cleansing, refreshing and rejuvenating experience that will have you feeling and looking more vibrant than before.

Now, usually this Men’s Restoration Session is priced at $125


For the month of June, those who book a Restoration Session with us now, will NOT pay $125!

That’s right! When they book now, they will SAVE $15 of the session and only pay $110.

That’s $110 for a FULL 2 hour treatment!

“The session was fantastic! It was the most relaxed I have felt in a long time. After my massage and foot spa from the lovely ladies, I felt like a renewed man – I am definitely adding this session to my monthly routine!”

– Chris C.

So, if you or a man in your life needs this session, take advantage of this limited time offer and book with us today by calling 06-327 8233.

You will thank you!

P.S. Call now and you will also receive a further $10 OFF the price! That’s a saving of 20%! All you’ll pay when you book now is $100 for a FULL 2 Hour Men’s Restoration Session – worth $125!”


Sassy Hair and Spa

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