The Game of Marketing and How to Get Ahead in Advertising

Let's understand together the First 3 Stages in the Game of Marketing and how we can get ahead in our Advertising...
Game of Marketing

Dear reader,

Right now you may be thinking “How do I get ahead in advertising?”, “How do I market my business online?”, “How do I generate more leads?”, or “Why is Marketing my business is HARD?”…

I understand how you feel, because I too have been there… and the truth is, there is a really big problem…

Well, perhaps not for you once you have finished reading, but a problem for your competition… (especially if they have not read this post)


Well, you see, it’s quite simple…

Marketing is EASY, Advertising is SIMPLE… once you have an understanding of what it is…

It all starts with a deep understanding of what Marketing and Advertising is and how you can use it to help your business grow

So, let’s start with…

What is Marketing and how can it help me?

What we commonly call ‘Marketing’, is in fact an idea

And in order to understand it better, I want to create an image in your mind of a vehicle… any vehicle is fine, just picture one in your mind…

Now, I want to put a large sticker on the side of this vehicle, saying the word “Television”, ok?…

Got it? Good,

Finally, I want you to imagine a person behind the steering wheel wearing a White Hat with the word “MARKETING” on it… (that’s his/her name, Marketing)

Do you have it in your mind?


Now, as time passes and technology becomes faster (and better), “MARKETING” decides that in order to better reach his/her customers then they need to use more than just one vehicle

That’s right, by choosing another vehicle, a newer vehicle, they can now reach more customers, more effectively and efficiently.

Think about this…

Ancient Egyptians used papyrus to communicate their message, Papyrus was a vehicle that MARKETING drove in the past to reach their customers with their message…

More recently however, we MARKETING has used the likes of Newspaper, Television, and such

And now we are seeing another evolution onto Social Media and even Smart Phone applications.

…So what?

Well you see, Marketing fundamentally cannot begin to work without Attention.

Who’s attention? Your ideal clients’.

Want to know more?

Ok, here is the first stage in using Marketing to help your business…

Stage One – Reaching Your Ideal Clients

Let’s face it, “if you cannot get your message, your U.S.P. in front of your ‘ideal’ clients, it does not matter how great your business, service or product is, it will simply pass in the wind, like many other past businesses have”…

Ok, so let’s say you do in fact manage to reach your audience, have I won the game? Will I sell more products and services? Unfortunately, not yet…

This moves us to…

Stage Two – Your Message, Offer or Service

This is the stage where your message or offer to your client is important. What message, what offer, what problem am I solving for them? (try selling an ice cream to people living in Oymyakon, Russia the coldest inhabited place on earth, and see how hard you have to work…)

In this example, you have simply reached the wrong client, with the wrong message and it has cost you.

Unless we have, for example Electric Blankets to offer these clients, we should leave them be and be on our way.

We instead, need find our ‘Travelers in the Desert’ – who are suffering from the HEAT and an ice cream (along with water, hats, and loose fitting clothes) would top-of-mind for them.

All of a sudden we have found our client, our offer fixes their problem, they pay and everyone is happy.

Great! Now now we have won the game, we can sit back and relax… right?!


But why?

Well, this leads us to…

Stage Three – Market Saturation and Competition

You see, now others are seeing what you are doing and begin to join in.

All of a sudden the desert is FILLED with Ice Cream Vendors and the number of Desert Travelers has a limit.

So, what happens?

Prices drop, margins slither down to next to nothing and it becomes a feeding frenzy for the scraps.

So what do you do now?

Now you need a new strategy, a point of difference – you need to be able to carve our a section of the market and make it yours…

How do you do this?

Well, if you have read this far then you are probably serious about growing your business and I invite you reach out to me where we can discuss Stage Four – Your New Market Strategy and Market Domination…



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